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50 pages of my Most Comprehensive, "Step by Step" Functional Medicine 
Knowledge to Get Your Girlish Figure Back!  
Inside this Booklet, You'll Discover:
  •  The 3 Hidden Mistakes Women make that pack on belly fat - and the easy solutions to correct them!
  •  The 10 most common scenarios when you are driven to wreck your weight loss efforts - and exactly how to overcome each one!
  •  7 Helpful Tips to get your Adrenals back in sync, cortisol levels balanced and YOU in a position to Lose Weight, Feel Stronger and BE more Vibrant.
  •  The 3 Sex Hormones that Control Your Weight and How You can Balance them for Weight Loss Success
  •  The Exact Labs and Proper Reference Ranges Functional Medical Doctors use to determine the true Health of your Thyroid Function - how to interpret them - and then Optimize your Thyroid Function
  •  How to Consciously OVERPOWER Your Brain's Subconscious Efforts to Sabotage Your Weight Loss 
  •  Exactly When, What, and How Much You Should be Eating 
  •  And SO MUCH MORE!
Understand Weight Gain and Other Midlife Symptoms.
"Just Do It Now."
You said "YES" to Yourself!
It takes a special person to step up to the plate, and I know You are here because:
  • You want to finally stop your midlife frustrations and start enjoying Your life again!
  • You're not finding help anywhere else, so You know its up to You!
  • You don't want to be like everyone else. You want to succeed!
  • You know I care, and that I'm here for You.
You See Most People Give Up! Right?
When you look around, at the store, at a restaurant, at work... what you see is that most women have given up.

They accept aches and pains and fatigue and insomnia as normal processes of aging. That sets them up for even more aches and pains, fatigue, and such SLOW, gradual weight gain that they don't even realize how bad it's become... until it's a huge problem.

But I KNOW this isn’t You!  Otherwise, You would have never stepped up to the plate.

The 3 Causes of Midlife "Figure Fizzles" are:
  • Succumbing to High Glycemic Carbohydrates due to their Addictive Physiologic Effects in the Brain
  • Lack of Planning for Expected and Unexpected Circumstances
  • Ignoring Midlife Sex Hormone Imbalances that are Fast and Simple to Fix
   When you correct these 3 common mistakes, you will NOT gain weight as you move through menopause, and you WILL find losing weight to be far less challenging. Even better news is that you can fix all 3 of these Figure Fizzles quickly and easily by yourself!
   So, let’s get started and set You on the right path to being healthy, strong, and feeling as beautiful as You truly are.
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A FREE GUIDE to Causes of Weight Gain during Midlife.
The Truth, Secrets, Solutions, and More!
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