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Squeaky Clean 2 LEAN
It's Finally Here!
The Savvy Sisters Circle
And YOU have the unique ONE TIME opportunity to be a 
I Know You Have LOTS of Questions about ...
  • How to Lose Weight
  • ​How to Heal Leaky Gut
  • ​How to Resolve Bloating, Constipation and Symptoms of IBS
But because I know there is a much BIGGER PICTURE  - that if you don't address them at the same time - one GUT Cleanse, or even many GUT Cleanses and Diets Together, 
won't give you the results you are capable of achieving.

The individual parts of your body never work alone. 
Each part works in unison with every other organ and organ system.
  • Like your Gut Hormones: Leptin, Ghrelin, Cortisol, Glucose, Insulin
  • ​Like your Sex Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone
  • ​Like your Adrenal Hormones: Cortisol and DHEA
  • ​Like your Thyroid Hormones: Free T4 and Free T3
  • ​And don't forget about your Growth Hormone! Do you know how to optimize GH?
We all want to slow down aging, look younger, feel healthier and be stronger!
But exactly how to accomplish this seems so confusing and too hard!
I know what you are thinking because I have been helping women just like you for 20 years!
You're likely thinking right now ...  
  • I don't want to give up the things I enjoy in my life. I want to have fun! (I don't blame you! I won't ever give up what I love in my life. Girls just want to have fun you know!)
  • I've tried to make changes before and it never worked for me! (I understand that too! But you haven't tried working with me!)
  • I'm afraid it's too hard and complicated for me as an individual. (I guarantee I won't let you fail! Just follow my guidance and you will be successful! You have nothing to lose!)

Sure you need Squeaky Clean 2 LEAN GUT Cleanse.
But, what you REALLY need to succeed is my SECRET INGREDIENT.
My "special sauce," so to speak, that brings it all together and makes it happen for you! 

Introducing Savvy Sisters Circle

Where you will get ...
  • Hormone Balance
  • Nutrition Knowledge
  • GUT Cleanses 
  • AND Ongoing Support, Motivation and Accountability
Let's talk about just Hormone Balance
We know it influences your weight, moods, bones, brain and gut.

So when we do a cleanse together, we need to make sure we're 
addressing everything you need to succeed!
Most women think Hot flashes are the defining symptom 
of hormone decline.
Admit it, you believed that too, right? 
But they are only one symptom -- and almost never the first symptom!   
You’ve been so busy with your life that you thought the changes in your:
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Physique
are an expected change with aging and you are just supposed to accept it. 
You had no idea you could change your aging process. 

How could you know? 

Who is helping you navigate midlife challenges and the aging process?
I want to be here for YOU ... to help you...
  • Master your mindset so you will be confident and ready to overcome temptations and challenges that pop up.
  • ​Help you plan what you need as an individual for your hormones, gut health and nutrition so ANY guess work is taken out of the equation.  
AND I want to give you ONGOING 
support and accountability so there's: 
  • NO possibility you will be left behind.
  • NO possibility you will have unanswered questions or concerns.
  • NO possibility you will lose momentum. 
Nothing is going to get in the way of your weight loss, hormone balance and holistic health goals.
Here's what you get when you become a 
Founding Member of Savvy Sisters Circle
  • Private Membership for women just like you.
  • Daily Support and Encouragement in our private Facebook Group.
  • Dr. Karen, the Women's Midlife Specialist LIVE weekly  answering your questions regarding sex hormones, adrenal health, gut health, thyroid health and nutrition - ALL for your particular needs as an individual.
  • Nurse Practitioner, Lovely Leah's Functional Medicine Knowledge daily in our private Facebook Group.
  • Dr. Karen assessing your hormone labs and making recommendations. 
It's Like having Your Own Private Anti-Aging Nurse Practitioner and Doctor Team Every Day!
What would that be Worth?!
First what would it cost if you don't hop on this opportunity right now?
  • Another Year of Weight Gain?
  • Another Year of Fatigue?
  • Another Year of Frustrating Sleep Problems?
  • Another Year of Low Libido?
  • Another Year of Rapid Aging?
... Let's change that together right now.    
This is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity. 
But Why Should You Listen to Me?
I was 39-years old when I graduated medical school. A little older than most doctors.

That was over 20 years ago. And like all physicians, I only had conventional training in medicine which meant that I had no idea that my sex hormones were already changing. 

I couldn’t sleep or focus.   I was gaining weight and I had horrible constipation and bloating.

I struggled every day just to feel normal. 

Eventually, I wrapped myself in my work, where I felt mostly normal. Taking care of others allowed me to ignore my own problems. 

I avoided my son and my husband, pushing them away along with my entire family. They had rallied behind me to help me get through medical school. How could I let them down by revealing that I was suffering inside?   
There was no joy in my life.
At age 39, how could I have hormone problems?
I reached out to an oncologist friend and shared my symptoms. I told him that I didn’t feel normal. He listened to me and ordered many tests looking for hidden cancer, but everything came back normal.
I don’t exactly recall how my “A-Ha!” moment came to me, but I do recall realizing that conventional medicine didn’t have anything to help me recover.  
I needed to attend a new type of conference for doctors that was different than anything I’d attended before. It was a new specialty of medicine called Anti-Aging Medicine.  

Today most people know it as “Functional Medicine”. 

I discovered exactly why I was sent to be there at that first conference... 
I volunteered to work every holiday, just to avoid being with my family. 

I remember being so fatigued that I would have to rest in my car for 10 minutes before getting out and starting my day.  
My appetite dwindled.
All this shame bubbled to the surface. I’d dreamed of being a doctor since I was a little girl and now that I was, I couldn’t handle it.
Daily at work, I would have to run into the nearest bathroom before entering the next patient’s room, look into the mirror and take a deep breath to calm myself.  

After all the training I had already gone through, I had not had a single lesson about hormone imbalance and changes that occurred before menopause, OR that the symptoms that I was experiencing could be related to hormones.   

My saving grace was my mother who insisted I practice holistic medicine.   

Throughout medical school, she never let me forget that I needed to look at each and every patient as a whole individual.  

She had been using bioidentical hormones for several years – and was actually one of the first to enter into this NEW realm of Anti-Aging / Functional Medicine. 

BUT... my mom was 50 years old!  
Hormones decline long before menopause and it was already happening to me. 
After testing my hormones I discovered I was significantly Estrogen Dominant. I also discovered I had profound Leaky Gut.

That's When the Women's Midlife Specialist was truly born.
Anti-Aging Medicine and I became best friends. I quickly devoured every piece of knowledge that the American Academy of Anti-Aging offered at that time.   I say it saved my life.  Since then, I have been able to use that experience to save many more lives in the last 20 years as a doctor.  

And now I want to help you. 
I don't want to see you suffering from
 Hormone Imbalance or Leaky Gut!
These can cause symptoms ranging from fatigue and anxiety to weight gain and irritable bowel syndrome. 

High levels of estrogen may also put you at higher risk of blood clots, stroke, heart palpitations, fibroids, endometriosis, and abnormal periods.  
And this is not even the worst of it. 
Leaky Gut can lead to autoimmune diseases, arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia, and immune disfunction. 

High levels of estrogen, without adequate Progesterone balance, can also put you at a higher risk of some other very serious conditions like breast cancer and ovarian cancer. 

According to the American Cancer Society, Estrogen Dominance can also increase your risk of endometrial cancer, which is cancer in the lining of the uterus.
It’s about the balance between your hormones, your GUT health, 
and the communication of these with your brain and nervous system. 
So what is it Worth to have your own 
Private Anti-Aging Functional Medical Team?
First visit to an Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine Doctor Costs (at minimum):
Each Follow up Visit Costs:
$250 - $500/per half hour
or Annual Concierge Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine Membership:
$5,000 - $6,000/per year
But you're NOT going to pay that! NO WAY! 
I want to make sure this is a NO BRAINER for you - and nothing is going to stand in your way to being part of the 
Savvy Sisters Circle!
Let's Review what you get as a Founding Member of 
Savvy Sisters Circle
  • Private Membership with Women just like you where ... "anything goes" in our Private Facebook forum. We will be talking about everything under the sun from Hot Flashes to Libido. From Weight Loss Secrets to Gut Health Nutrition. From Lab Assessments to Recommendations.
This Alone is worth Gold!
  • Daily Support, Encouragement and Accountability to assure your success ~ and oh so much fun!
  • Relationship Building with women going through the same experiences you are going through. We help each other all privately. 
  • The WMS team Support Daily.
  • Anti-Aging Nurse Practitioner Leah answering your questions and providing insightful knowledge daily in our private Facebook Group.
  • Dr. Karen LIVE each week (in Private Facebook Group) answering all questions and offering much needed knowledge to help you master your hormone, weight loss and midlife anti-aging goals.
  • Dr. Karen and Nurse Practitioner review your hormone labs and provide on going recommendations!
So How About Some Great Bonuses Too!
Bonus #1 
Squeaky Clean 2 LEAN - FREE! Value $495.00

3 Month Program includes the 3 Phases; Planning, Elimination Diet and the Challenge Phase so you aren't left alone to try and remember what to do. Leah and I will be by your side every step of the way. 

AND if you're not ready to do Squeaky Clean 2 LEAN quite yet - Don't Worry! We'll be repeating Squeaky Clean 2 LEAN once more later in the year! 
So EVERY TIME we do Squeaky Clean 2 LEAN you get FREE ACCESS to the entire program including any new materials we come out with for new versions.
Bonus #2 
15% OFF
all NON Hormone WMS Supplements! This includes Savvy Sister Super Support and all 5 of our New Weight Loss and GUT HEALTH products. 
You must be wondering "How much all of this is going to Cost"?
  • No More Guessing!
  • No More Worrying!
  • No More Wasting Time!
  • Dr. Karen and Nurse Practitioner Leah are here for you! 5 days a week. All Year Long!
  • Bonus #1 Squeaky Clean 2 LEAN (as many times as we run the program - you get access for FREE!)
  • Bonus #2: 15% OFF all Non Hormone Women's Midlife Specialist Supplements to help jump start your weight loss goals and restore your gut to optimal health. 
I personally guarantee you will love your new Savvy Sister Circle Membership!
If you don't love everything about it - then no problem - No Questions Asked. 
We'll just stay friends and you can completely walk away! 

So I know you must be Dying to Know what Your 
Once-in-a-Lifetime Founding Member Costs?
Are you Ready for this?
Normally our new Savvy Sisters Circle Membership is $94 per month 
(and that's a bargain!)
But that's not YOUR COST!
Your Founding Membership is 
Only $47/ Per Month!
And that's locked in for as long as you stay with us in the Savvy Sister Circle
That's Right! Your investment for a whole year to your health and self care is less than a SINGLE VISIT to an Anti-Aging Physician! 
And there is NO RISK!
If you aren't satisfied for any reason, all you have to do is tell me and you can 
cancel your membership anytime. 
But Hurry!
All good things must some to an end. The Savvy Sisters Circle doors will close at 
MIDNIGHT on January 24th, 2020!

And THEN this Founding Membership Opportunity will be gone FOREVER!

The sooner you join - the sooner you will start benefiting! 
Come and join other amazing women just like you and begin enjoying the Magic that happens on the INSIDE!
I can't Wait to Work with You!